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This is a forum for the discussion of issues related to GLBT people of NeoPagan faith traditions. Please do write in with questions or comments or ideas that you have that are relevant to that particular topic. Please also be kind to those who are here. Debates/discussions are OK but inflammatory language and hate speech will be cause for the moderators to ban you. This community is for all of us, so play nicely together. The mods reserve the right to ban anyone at any time, and trust us, we will tell you why.

While we are primarily LGBTQI Pagans, we don't discriminate on the basis of sexuality, gender, religion, race or most any other thing. No using this community for blatantly sexual purposes. It's not a dating site. Lurkers and voyeurs should be especially mindful of this.

fritterfae is Queen of the Universe. jeanne_d_arc wanted to be but now must settle for Prime Minister of the Universe. If you have a problem, contact either one of us.